Our Café
We are a coffee shop in Montreal working with 49th Parallel Roasters. We serve pastries from independent local bakers, make as much product as we can in-house, and will never tell you how to drink your coffee. There isn’t a right or wrong approach to trying to make coffee better, and we learn new things about brewing all the time.  More than anything, we have fun and don’t take ourselves too seriously.  We make pretty good coffee and sometimes we play really bad music but it’s also usually pretty good.
Our Coffee
The coffee we serve is sourced and roasted by 49th Parallel Roasters in Vancouver, BC. For years, they have established relationships with producers in many coffee-growing nations to improve the quality of coffee and pay a substantial premium above Fair-Trade prices for product. We build our menu based on the seasonality of these producing countries, offering a rotating selection of origins that change regularly.  We receive roasted coffee on Thursday afternoons two to three days off-roast, please check the “MENU” tab to see our current selection.

We also frequently feature coffee from a selection of guest roasters across North America and Europe.  These roasters share the same values as Myriade and it’s with pleasure that we continue to introduce Montreal to new quality-focussed roasters.

Our Guest Roasters

  • Intelligentsia – Chicago
  • Microtorrefacteur St. Henri – Montreal
  • Heart Roasters – Portland
  • Anchored Coffee – Dartmouth
  • Ritual Roasters – San Francisco
  • Bows & Arrows – Victoria
  • Square Mile – London

Our Milk
In the summer of 2013, Alex Cruz and Cyril Gonzalez from Société Orignal approached us with an idea to serve better, fresher milk. After months of research and development of the project, dubbed “Run de Lait,” we debuted the milk at the beginning of this year. We’re privileged to be working with ten family farms whose work is amply reflected in the improvement of all our milk-based drinks. The milk is the only in the country with zero additives whatsoever, preserving the integrity of its natural flavour. For more information about Run de Lait and other Société Orignal inititatives, visit their website here.

We look forward to continued collaboration with Alex and Cyril and hope to offer more of their product in the near future.


















and what they say...

  • Another place that goes above and beyond is Café Myriade on Rue Mackay downtown. The owner, Anthony, has taken coffee to the next level. We brought him into the restaurant to train all our staff how to make a proper espresso because it's not about warm brown caffeinated water, it's about ending the meal on the perfect note.
    Chuck Hughes / Chuck’s Day Off
  • Wake up, jump in a cab, and head to Café Myriade for breakfast and some of the city’s best coffee.
    David McMillan, Frederic Morin, Meredith Erickson / The Art of Living According to Joe Beef: A Cookbook of Sorts