Myriade and Pikolo, the best cafes in Montreal

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After a non-scientific, but rigorous exercise, Metro reveals the list of best cafés in Montreal. Thirty-three industry professionals and bloggers have compiled the ranking dominated by Myriade and Pikolo.

The third wave coffee is popular in Montreal. These are the institutions of the movement run by baristas devoting a cult black nectar, which hoisted topped the list of the best cafes in the city, although some more traditional places to be spawned a place in the list.

In total, 33 members of the jury – the café owners and bloggers appointed forty addresses in their top 3, indicating that the cafe scene” of the city is alive. “There was three years old, it would have been easy to name my three favorite cafes, said one of the experts consulted. But today, even a top 5 is an almost impossible exercise!

Two cafes are however clearly detached from the lot. Both cited by a member of the jury in three Café Myriade near Concordia and Pikolo Espresso Bar in the McGill Ghetto, come face to face in the lead.



Anthony Benda is a perfectionist. Every minute he spends on the floor of Café Myriade enables him to perfect his art in order to provide ever more delicious coffee with the most effective methods ever. When he opened his coffee, he was five years ago, Montreal was far from surfing the third wave. The Vancouver native based in Montreal for nearly nine years was a pioneer and had the desire to change people’s habits. Seated to his institution on the street Mackay, MacBook ahead and gray hat screwed in the head, Anthony Benda speaks with passion clients he sees almost every day for five years and the push to improve. The desire to offer something new, it has always.


Marie-Ève Laroche comes from the arts community. In his head trotted the idea of ​​opening a coffee for a while. After his classes, including through a one-year stay in Australia, where she worked in coffee plantations and the young woman opened in 2011 Pikolo Park Avenue, which quickly became with McGill students and workers. Since the third wave coffee exploded in Montreal. In the local close, it is a warm atmosphere. With its messy braid that falls over his left shoulder, Marie-Eve prepares a latte in a glass, signature coffee. Behind the counter, she is like a fish in water.

Metro met with the owners of two winning cafes.



What is the key to your success?
Marie-Ève Laroche: We keep things simple. Here, we focus on the coffee. Our quality standards are very high and I put a lot of emphasis on customer service, which is very friendly, very cozy. My goal is to bring people together, to create a community.
Anthony Benda: Our willingness to change. I love the fact that several cafes open their doors in Montreal, but I still want to stay ahead of others. All efforts are put on the coffee. I serve a better coffee there five years.


How is the cafe scene” in Montreal?
MEL: For two years, there has been a big boom. When Pikolo opened Montreal trailed paw. It did not look as a foodie city and is open as late. Today, we have many quality choices. New York and Toronto, there are many choices, but I think Montreal has better options.
AB: I sincerely believe that today, Montreal has one of the most beautiful scenes coffee because it is diverse. Everyone offers different roasters and has its own approach. In Vancouver, when you visited a coffee, thou hast all visited


A word about the other winner…
MEL: I learned about the Myriade when I was in Australia and I told myself that this is exactly what I wanted to do. Anthony is the God of coffee. He is an avant-garde. He does not copy-paste: he puts his foot down and brings different ideas.
AB: When Pikolo opened, it was the closest cafe to Myriade and Marie-Ève proposed something completely different from what we do here. She puts a lot of effort into the quality of the coffee. These are details for many, but you can taste.



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