Organic Aramo

Organic Aramo, Yirgacheffe

12oz / 340g

The Aramo Cooperative was founded in 1972, but it joined 22 other coops in the formation of the Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union in 2002. The 1,100 members of this cooperative grow several “heirloom” coffee varieties at elevations ranging from 1400-1800 meters, and deliver their cherries to the Aramo washing station. There, the coffees are pulped and then washed in the traditional Ethiopian method: up to 72 hours of underwater fermentation followed by a second washing in soaking tanks. The coffee is then dried on raised beds and hand sorted. Beginning our third year of offering this special preparation “Grade 1” coffee, we’re happy that Aramo was one of the first coffees we sourced from Ethiopia. Incredibly sweet and juicy, with lilac aromatics developing into flavors of honey water, melon and apple pie.