Where to Drink Coffee in Montreal

Posted by:      June 13, 2012     /

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Before Myriade, specialty coffee in Montreal was something you had to package with a piled-high brunch plate or restaurant, not a drink that could stand on its own merits in a supremely serious (coffee theorist/author Scott Rao has a stake) but warm environment. Myriade changed all that, bringing progressive brewing science and exceptional quality to a little retail space in the ground floor of a Concordia-area apartment building.

Led by gracious owner-barista Anthony Benda, the shop’s focus on careful preparation—halogen-heated syphons among them—put it a cut above anything else in town, where it remains. Coffees revolve through the roasters of the current mode, like Portland’s Heart and LA’s Handsome, but you’ll always find Canadian strongholds 49th Parallel on the shelves as well. Also offering quality local baking, and a finer than average selection of teas. A particularly lovely place to be during Montreal’s warmer months, when the coffee shop spills out onto the terrasse in mild summer chaos.




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